Why And How To Select A Quality Foam Concrete Mixer?

To find a quality foam concrete mixer for your business? These can be very useful, especially if they are mobile. Your ability to arrive at a worksite with the concrete ready to pour is going to accelerate the speed at which you are able to complete your projects. These can cost tens of thousands of dollars, that are designed to allow you to quickly pour the concrete that is ready to set. Let’s go over what foam concrete actually is, and then why it should be used, for many of the jobs that you may have today.

What Is Foam Concrete?

This type of concrete, once it is set, is going to be less dense than regular concrete. It is also known as cellular lightweight concrete, one that is made at a much lower density because of the introduction of a type of foam into the product. Instead of pouring this for traditional walkways or sidewalks, it is actually used as a leveling or compacting material. It is much more lightweight simply because it may consist of as much as 80% air, working as more of a installation, providing fire resistant and sound absorbing properties. And more details about foam mixer on http://aimixconcretemixer.com/foam-concrete-mixer/.

How Do You Find One Of These Mixers?

At the same place that you would find mixers for traditional concrete, whether stationary or mobile, you can find these for sale as well. They are going to function in the exact same way, with the minor exception that they may be calibrated for foam concrete instead. It is because the concrete is much easier to mix, and also lighter, the design of the actual device could be significantly different. They may not be designed for regular concrete which would cause them to either malfunction, or simply break, so keep that in mind you also have regular concrete jobs. And foam mixer is a professional machine for foam concrete making.

Discounted Prices On Foam Concrete Mixers

You can get really low prices on these concrete mixers if you are able to get them from a company in China, one that specializes in all forms of concrete machines and tools. These are companies that have been in the industry for decades, capable of making the most advanced equipment, less doing so at a very affordable price. Sometimes you can locate a business that is actually offering a special deal on several of the trucks, or mixers, that they have at their facility. Once you have found this, you should place your order as quickly as you can in order to prevent someone else from taking them up on that deal. Aimix, a professional concrete mixer manufacturer and supplier, can provide quality foam concrete mixer with competitive price.

If you do pour insulation at certain job sites, using foam concrete, you are going to need one of these concrete mixers. Contact one of these companies today and find out what they have in stock, get multiple quotes, and start improving your ability to take jobs that will only require foam concrete instead of that which is normally mixed. By purchasing this overseas, you can also be guaranteed of saving money if there is not a sale price. More information about concrete mixer on http://aimixconcretemixer.com/.

How does the drum concrete mixer mix concrete – Let’s find out

Are you having hard time finding the right tool for mixing concrete? We live in a world where we are all leading an extremely busy lifestyle due to which we hardly get time doing things manually. That’s the reason, why the demand for ready- to -use tools and equipment’s has increased.

How the drum concrete mixer mix concrete?

Today, modern technology has led to invention of various machineries which are capable of doing very difficult tasks in a matter of minutes. For example- The reversible drum concrete mixer is one of the most crucial tools used in the construction of buildings and roads. It is a sort of mixing plant where sand, gravel, cement, water and other materials are turned into concrete together but do you really know how does the drum concrete mixer mix concrete?

JZC250 concrete drum mixer

There are innumerable types of concrete mixers available in different shapes and sizes. However, almost all of them consist of a revolving drum that rotates at an even speed. All the material of concrete is placed into this drum along with water as needed. As the drum rotates, the concrete particles are evenly mixed, delivering maximum uniformity.

Most construction equipment’s are easy to understand and the drum concrete mixer is one of the kinds. The drum is exactly the most crucial part of the entire machine. It consists of blades running longitudinally; set an angle to the center axis of the drum. The cement is poured through the upper opening and the drum is set rotating. Water is added and the drum continues to rotate. The turning actions and functioning of the drum allows the mixture to roll along the inside surface of the drum. As soon as the mixture is ready for pouring, the rotation of the drum is reversed and the angle of the internal blades scoops the mixture towards the mouth of the drum and starts spilling out of the drum onto the site. We also have concrete mobile mixer for sale.

Benefits of a Drum Concrete Mixer

As and when compared to hand mixing concrete machines, the modern technology of drum concrete mixer machines have been regarded very reliable and convenient. They are not only easy to maintain but very affordable. The drum mixers require no effort as the functioning is carried out by the engine and the best things above all is that the output of the mixture is very fine. Not to forget, there are large size drums also available which provide more quicker out than hand mixing would allow. Click here to know more: http://concrete-mixer.net/stationary-concrete-mixer/.

Another important benefit of having a drum concrete mixer, which is often overlooked, is that the steady and consistent movement of the revolving drum prevents drying, that allows longer time frames to be achieved between mixing and pouring. It is important to know how the drum concrete mixer mixes concrete for all those planning to buy a drum mixer or get information on how the drum concrete mixer mix concrete and how work takes place at a construction site. Find more concrete mixers from this: http://concrete-mixer.net/mini-concrete-mixer/. Make sure that you research thoroughly before buying one because getting the right equipment for your project requires you to do some investigation. From the quality of the concrete mixer, its durability, maintenance and affordability are some of the factors that should be kept in mind.

How to seek a good mini concrete mixer for sale

The concrete mixing machine as it is known today is over a hundred years old, having been invented in 1905 by Gebhardt Jaeger (1874-1959), a German-born industrialist and businessman who had moved to Columbus, Ohio. Everyone in the industrialized world has seen a street or sidewalk being made or fixed at one time or another; thus, the image of the ready-mix concrete truck, with its huge rotating drum, is a familiar sight for all of us.

mini concrete mixer
Concrete mixers come in two basic sizes — regular and mini, of which the latter is naturally smaller and lighter and has four axles rather than six. The term mini concrete mixers can actually refer to two types of machines — it can mean a truck, as just described, or a non-motorized wheeled device used for mixing concrete in small amounts for small-scale projects such as the repair of one’s own driveway. The price of a mini concrete mixer for sale can vary from as low as $85 to as much as $3,000. Their designs also vary greatly — some mini concrete mixers are lightweight and simple in construction, while others are heavier and more complex. They may have either one or two wheels.
When seeking out a good mini concrete mixer for sale, one should ask about the following qualities:
• robustness and sturdiness — It should not be easy to damage or cause to come apart.
• ease of maintaining and operating, since mini mixer is portable, it is easy to use as a mobile cement mixer.

• safety — The mixer should not tip over easily. Foot pedal locking systems are present on many to prevent such a mishap from happening.
• a chassis that is very stable as well as strong
Features found on many mini concrete mixers for sale include:
• lockable engine compartments
• an engine that runs on either gasoline or diesel oil, or an electric motor
• standard bearings to transmit the power that rotates the drum; these also ensure that less power is lost.

What is an Electric Concrete Mixer

Electrical concrete mixer is widely used as it is handy and compact. It is powered by electric motor though some are manually operated. The drum of most of electric concrete mixers is made of mild steel balance with heavy duty housing. The machine contains a fixed shaft with a double ball bearing in which the drum rotates on. It is light and suited for small to mid-sized jobs which require concrete mixing at any time.

A lightweight wheelbarrow style is fixed with this mixer for easy use and portability. Adjustable handles and turf tires enhance transport and dumping. A number of people prefer electric mixer since it is quieter, easier to maintain and most of today’s projects are adjacent to an electric outlet.

concrete mixer electric motor

How it works
When the power is turned on, the mixture is subjected to a strong flow through trajectories generated. The particles’ relative velocities produce various collisions, extrusions and large frictional shear stress. The final product is what you expected to get out of the machine.

Where it is applied
Most concrete mixer electric motor can be used on highways, civil and industrial constructions, roads, bridges, railways, harbors and any precast plant. These are just but a few of electric mixers.


It is convenient since at any time of the day, you can switch it off or on whenever need arises.
It doesn’t make a lot of noise like gas or diesel powered concrete mixer.
One doesn’t have to carry around diesel containers or band of gasoline cans.
It is lighter and hence easier to move around.
It is environmentally friendly and can be used anywhere even inside a building without worrying of ventilation.


The extension cords for electricity always limit its placement near an electric outlet.
Usually, it doesn’t have much horsepower like the gas powered mixer.
Most of them are suited for light jobs.
Cannot be used in areas with no electricity.

For more info about this concrete mixer, you can visit this page: http://www.zzchangli.com/electric-concrete-mixer.html.

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